Cocktail Syrup Old Fashioned

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The granddaddy of all classic cocktails... the Old Fashioned. This artisan cocktail syrup nods to all the craftsmen bartenders in the world and gives you the tools to make a tasty classic at home. Caramel notes with citrus, tart cherries, and a cozy blend of cinnamon, clove, cardamom, and bitter herbs. The result? A syrup that will create a well-rounded and layered drink. For the cocktail, just add a favorite whiskey, and garnish with an orange peel, a cherry, or both

Ingredients: Demarera sugar, mountain spring water, orange peel, tart cherries, bitter herbs, citric acid

NutritionServing size .5oz, Calories per serving = 2, Total Sugars per serving = .5g

Pairings: Bourbon, whiskey, rye, rum

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