Smokin' Hot Nooner Hot Sauce

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Smokin Hot Nooner is a collaboration with Joe and Lorrena from Cafe Nooner restaurant in Eureka! This hot sauce features an explosion of smoky and tangy heat, orange-citrus flavors and a nice mellow burn. This hot sauce pairs perfectly with steak, seafood, chicken and more! This sauce is perfect for people just wanting a little spice and a lot of flavor!

5 oz

The Nitty Gritty

  • Features a delicious and smoky flavor profile with habanero peppers, jalapenos and chipotles with touches of citrus and roasted pasilla peppers. This sauce has a mild to medium heat level and is perfect on eggs, tacos & burritos, and chicken wings.

Heat Level: 2
Heat scale based on 1 - 10

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