PLAZA is a family owned and operated home and gift store located in the heart of Arcata, California. We are guided by the important but simple mission of providing Products, Service & Experiences that delight and inspire.


We at PLAZA operate under the basic principals of serving our community and striving towards the ultimate goal that the first question people ask themselves is: “Can I buy it Locally?”

If we are doing it right, here’s how we do it:

  • Provide EXPERIENCES of : Beauty, Joy, Delight, Inspiration, Relaxation, Convenience, Connection
  • Provide customer SERVICE that is: Authentic, Genuine, Sincere, Friendly, Helpful, Engaged, Consistent, Above & Beyond, Customer-centric
  • Curate a wide scope of PRODUCTS that: Excite, Engage, Educate, Motivate & Inspire, Create spaces of comfort and beauty, Are environmentally conscious, Are unique, Are Trend-Forward, Are the perfect gift, Are built to last, Are provided at a wide range of prices, Are good quality, Are produced by local artisans, Are from vendors that support fair-trade global practices, Honor the cultural and social diversity of our community, Are responsive to the needs and wants of our community
  • Support and respect our community of locally owned and independently operated businesses
  • Support/give back to our community