It is our pleasure and honor to support local non-profits and charities. We are so grateful for our vibrant community and for our active and engaged community members that work so hard to make Humboldt County a better place for all. PLAZA does its best to accommodate as many donation requests as possible using the following criteria.

  • Donation request are filled on a First-Come-First-Served basis.
  • Donation requests should be submitted at least 2-weeks prior to the required pick-up date.
  • Due to the high volume of donation requests, PLAZA allocates a monthly donations budget which resets on the first of each month. Once the budget has been depleted for the month, any remaining unfilled donation requests are pushed to the next fulfillment cycle.
  • PLAZA does not make cash donations
  • PLAZA does not make donations to political or religious organizations.

Donation request can be submitted to [email protected]

(feel free to copy and paste this directly into your email!)


Name of Organization:

Tax ID Number:

Contact Name:

Contact Email:

Contact Phone Number:



Event Date:

Fundraising Purpose:


Additional Info:


Attach a copy of the donation request letter (on letterhead).