Jam Sweet Heat Set of 4 Jars in Box

Article number: DSH-4-BOX
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Blackberry Habanero, Mango Habanero, Peach Habanero and Raspberry Habanero


Fresh raspberries and seared habanero that results in a flavor both vivid and refreshing. A great glaze for poultry or pork - amazing shaken up into a homemade vinaigrette and drizzled over salad.


Ripe peaches add the body to this luscious jam, accentuated with a spicy edge to add some crackle to your palate. A versatile flavor that pairs well with cheese and is delectable swirled into vanilla ice cream.


A fire-kissed confection that combines the light, honeyed flavor of ripe mango with a satisfying habanero afterglow. This jam makes an amazing seafood glaze, adding just the right zip to salmon, oysters or prawns.


This award-winning jam features rich, full-bodied blackberries jazzed up with a habanero sizzle. Bold in flavor, an ideal glaze for pork and excellent poured over ribs.

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